The Scoop On Port Credit Real Estate

port credit estateCommonly referred to as Mississauga’s “Village on the Lake” the former municipality which has now merged with the city of Mississauga and is now a heritage conservation district.

The area is a valued area and is a credible tourism area with its positioning near Lake Ontario.

The median price for Port Credit real estate is currently running around $1,612,240 which is largely due to a limited number of homes for the area, and the tendency for real estate to be in high demand in the area. Total listings for January and February hover around 63 listings per month.

In response to surveys, residents of Port credit call their town a great place to live with very good schools and facilities. One resident typifies the area as a mix of the artsy cafe and the high end restaurant. The summer weather is just about perfect as you will see people walking along the waterfront.

It is generally classified as an expensive place to live, but for those who are financially well-heeled enough to handle it, there is just about no other place to live that could quite come up to the standards of Port Credit.

Most people like the small town atmosphere, where you can spend an evening taking a walk, having dinner at an informal, yet stylish restaurant, have a beer at the local pub, or grab an ice cream cone as you bicycle to the park. It is a town where people get to know each other rather quickly, and this makes for friendships that last.

It is no secret that Port Credit real estate has rising prices and that is part supply and demand playing its role, and part of the trend no in many real estate markets. Homes range in price from the $300,000’s for a very modest home to $ 2 and 3 million for more robust homes.

Even with the higher price ranges in the area, these homes are very much in demand due to the good summer climate, the proximity to the water, the great schools, and the congenial small town atmosphere.

Many of the homes are old fashioned and historic which creates a charm all its own. The residential areas date back to the 1960’s and they have been kept up and maintained very well.

If you have the chance to visit Port Credit with the need of looking for a home, there are many well-qualified realtors who can show you what is on hand in the community.